15 Ways to Accessorize Short Hair

Check out these 15 accessory ideas that will look adorable with your short haircut on days when you feel like switching things up!

1. A gemstone barrette


Unless your hair is shaved, then you probably have enough for a simple clip, pin, or barrette! We like this large, colourful gemstone barrette from Urban Outfitters because it draws the eye and adds a lot of flair to a simpler style.

2. An antique-looking headband


No matter how long or short your hair is, headbands are always a classically cute choice. Choosing something too flouncy when you only have a small amount of hair to balance it out can look overwhelming, but a subtle antique pattern like this one featured on Hoopla Hoopla is just right.

3. Wire kerchief


Urban Outfitters‘ wire kerchiefs are easy to put on without catching your short hairs trying to tie an actual kerchief in a knot. You can also fasten them as tightly as you need so they stay on without pinning, since you might not have longer locks to lodge bobby pins in.

4. An antique comb


If your hair is thick and around chin length, then combs are a great accessory for you! They let you add some style and decor to your look without having to do more than slide the comb into place. We love this design from My Lavaliere.

5. Fabric head wrap


Wide fabric head wraps are a great way to hide some of the short messy strands on a bad hair day while still looking stylish and accessorized. Short hair is usually easy to style, but some cuts have longer strands that need a little more maintenance, and we all have those mornings where there’s just no time! Check out this wrap from FabricWraps.

6. Plaid button bobby pins


As long as you have a couple of inches to work with, decorative bobby pins will always be your friend. Whether you’re able to twist or braid a piece of hair and then pin it with a cute button pin, or just slide the button pin in as decor, pins like these ones from Love Meeksie are a useful tool for anyone with shorter hair.

7. Silk flower hair pins


Maybe you need a little more decor than a simple button! Try silk flower pins like these ones from Piggle and Pop instead. They look especially cute with some stylishly mussed up tresses for contrast.

8. Glitter gold snap clips


Snap clips are as easy to use as they sound- snap them open, slide them in, and snap them closed! Whether you’re adding them to a style or just using them to jazz up your regular cut, you’ll love how quick a solution they are. Check out these sparkly ones from Georgia Blue!

9. Jewelled deco hair clip


These hair deco clips, featured on Three Bird Nest, snap open too, but they’re a bigger, more eye-catching design. Pin them in however you please and enjoy how the deco piece compliments your outfit.

10. Lace hair band


This model might have long hair, but imagine how prettily that lace hairband from Three Bird Nest would frame your face worn with a pixie cut! Choose your favourite bright colour to make a statement or a neutral shade to add just a subtle hint of decor to your shorter hair.

11. A wide brimmed hat


Hats don’t always have to be a cover up for a bad hair day! Check out how this wide brimmed hat on All Women’s Talk compliments smooth, short bangs swept to the side. Short cuts are a great opportunity for hates because you don’t have to figure out where to put all that hair underneath!

12. A simple bandana


Whether you have little bangs that you want to keep out of your face on a hot day, or you simply want to add some colour to your regular look, bandanas can come to your rescue! This simply wrapped style from Pinterest shows you how effortless and casual they can look.

13. A floral hairband


If your hair is just long enough for a few loose curls, try amping the style up a bit by nestling a floral hairband among the loops! The Bride Hairstyles shows you how delicate yet still eye-catching flowers and short hair can look.

14. A scarf knotted on the side


Something as simple as adjusting where you place the knot of your scarf headband can totally contribute to your style! Some people like to place it on the side with less hair, away from their bangs, to create balance. Others, like this style featured on Pinterest, create good visual flow by sweeping their hair to one side, then wrapping their scarf all the way around and knotting it on that same side.

15. A statement headband with jewels


Larger Than Life shows you the beauty of big jewels and short styles! Jeweled hairbands are one of the quickest  ways to add glamour to your cut in one simple step. Pop that hairband on and voila!

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