Amazing Bridal Hair Accessories

There are so many things to deal with and so many decisions to be made – including how we want our hair to be. Having the most amazing hairstyle isn’t enough, sometimes we need to add an accessory to feel like it’s perfect. If you’re looking for hair accessories, just scroll along – maybe you’ll find the one you’re looking for!

1. Rose Comb


Roses are one of the most wanted flowers when it comes to weddings! It’s no wonder when they look so elegant and have that special meaning of love. Many choose white roses because it suit the event, but adding a pop of color looks amazing and this comb is the perfect example for that. One of the hairstyles that you can wear with a rose comb is the updo. It looks amazing!

2. Blossom Comb


If you want a ponytail hairstyle for your big day, here’s an accessory that you might like. It’s a comb that looks like a golden branch with pearls. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t like a cliche or something that will make you feel uncomfortable wearing it. This comb is going to make any ordinary hairstyle like it’s something much more special!

3. Birdcage Veil


The birdcage veil looks good on every hair length, especially short hair! Many women think that their options are limited because of that, but in fact there are few possibilities to consider and this is one of them. The birdcage veil is a very simple hair accessory, yet it gives some glamorous 1950’s vibes. No matter if your wedding dress is more simple or something extravagant, this veil is totally worth wearing.

4. Floral Crown


Don’t like faux accessories? Then, having a real flower crown is going to be the perfect choice for you. There are so many options with this accessory! You can go for bold colors like fuchsia or simply white, or – a mixture of both. If you want you can pick bigger flowers for a bigger crown, or you can just stick to tiny florals for something more discrete.

5. Boho Bead Hair Tie


Not wanting to have a messy hairstyle, an updo or a braid for your wedding hair look is completely fine! This photo just proves how good can even at this day a hair can look if it’s just let down with some loose waves. This kind of accessory is simple with few types of details, specifically beads and flowers that really go well together!

6. Glamorous


Some like it boho, some like it casual, and some like it glamorous! There are many women who want their wedding to be nothing but the best, including the way they look. If you want something big and sparkly that will make you feel like a wedding queen, than this is the perfect accessory for you. With the right hairstyle and look overall, you will truly embrace the feeling of a diva!

7. Hippie Hairstyle


You may not be going to San Francisco, but still be sure to wear some flowers in your hair! This beautiful accessory is going to make you look like a modern hippie goddess. This is the kind of accessory that will go well with every kind of dress, no matter it is something more casual or something more spectacular. However, what you need for the best outcome is medium to long hair, so maybe you want to skip that cutting hair appointment to the hairdresser before your wedding.

8. Pearl Embellishment


If you’re not into flowers or any boho type of accessories, then you might like the good old pearls. They tiny and look so gentle and it makes them the perfect accessory for an event like a wedding. There are so many ideas with pearls that makes choosing one hair accessory so hard, but we managed to pick one and this is our choice. It comes to just one side of the head, but it’s so glamorous and elegant!

9. Gold Leaf Headpiece


We’ve seen the uprising of the feathers in the past few years! They can be seen anywhere – from tattoos to clothes print, and in this case, as hair accessory. Unlike most of the accessories on this list, the feathers headband is golden and has pearls as well! It is an amazing combination with braided hairstyles, so you might consider braided updo, or side braid with the feathers.

10. 1920’s


If you’re looking for something more specific and unique, then going back decades ago for inspiration can turn out just the right thing for you! Feeling nostalgic for the jazz era fashion, many fashion houses and creators lure into the past trends to create new that will send out those vintage vibes, yet will offer something modern. One great example for this are the hair accessories that you can wear at your wedding. You’ll look like a modern day Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby!

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