Amazing Boho Dresses

Below you will find ten outfit ideas that all include a boho dress. No matter if you want your dress to be short or maxi, we’re sure that at least one of these dresses will make you go “wow”. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite!

1. Little Black Dress


The little black dress is a must and this means that the boho style isn’t an exception. Short, midi or maxi, there are plenty of dresses that you can pick from. Since it’s boho we’re talking about, choosing floral patterns will certainly do the trick. Add your favorite pieces of jewelry and you’re ready to go.

2. Little Red Dress


Red is powerful and passionate color and is scientifically proven that is also the perfect color if you want to be noticed more. There is something really charming about red that makes us wanting and looking at it! Your next boho dress can be exactly this – red and if you prefer, make it with a pattern and if you’re willing to experiment a bit more, make it even oversized.

3. Touch of Etno


Similarly to boho, the etno style has something great to offer, especially if you mix these two. Take this dress for example – it is maxi as many boho dresses, yet it has etno pattern on it. Match it with your favorite pair of flat sandals, high heels, sunglasses or any other accessory you like and you have just upgraded your street style file.

4. Boho Black


Chic and casual, this kind of combination is ideal for everyone who likes to upgrade their street style a little bit. From this outfit we can see once again that details really matter – without the belt, the clutch and the shoes, we can agree that the outfit itself isn’t that impressive, right? So, next time you’re putting on something boho, make sure to add a bold accessory.

5. Flower Power


One of the most popular, if not the most popular textile pattern when it comes to the boho style is the floral. Tiny, big, colorful, simple, short, maxi, there is a huge choice when it comes to floral boho dresses. The best part is that you can match things in a way that you need – needing something classy? festival-inspired? casual? You can get everything you need.

6. Pretty Patterns


Right after the flower power, boho dresses often come in other patterns, as equally as beautiful as the floral. Just take a look at this outfit – no matter how the dress is boho and festival – inspired, with the right shoes and bag it looks more classy and even office – friendly, depending on your job.

7. Oversized


Boho dresses can be oversized too, so if you like wearing this kind of stuff, well then this is the dress that might be the perfect match for you. You can wear it with long necklaces, fringe bag and gladiator sandals. If you’re planning to go to a festival this summer, we definitely recommend you to consider this outfit.

8. Belted Boho


Another interesting way to make a boho dress even more charming is by placing a belt around your waist. This will look really chic, especially if the dress is maxi and oversized, just like the one on the picture. There are cheap belts and second-hand belts that you can get, so don’t hesitate to get one if you don’t have it already.

9. Maxi is Must


That’s right – having a maxi dress is a total must for everyone who likes to copy this style. It is a great idea for many occasions, from fancy events to casual grab-a-coffee meet ups with friends. You can wear the dress with heels or sandals, clutch or bag. There are so many ways to wear it!

10. Romantic Boho


Ideal for romantic dates and fancy events, this kind of boho dress is something that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It will help you in so many situations when you will find yourself whining over not having enough clothes to wear! To make this outfit even more beautiful, pick a boho clutch and your favorite piece of jewelry.

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