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60 Hot Jaime King Photos That Will Make Your Head Spin

Model-turned actress Jaime King is best known for playing the blonde, dark-eyed character in Sin City. She is also one of the world’s sexiest models in several fashion magazines and luxury brands.

Jaime King was born in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, in 1979. She is the daughter of the former beauty queen, Nancy King.

At a young age, King became interested in the world of modeling. She later attended a modeling school at Nancy Bounds’ Studios.

In 1993, the aspiring model got discovered during her graduation fashion show. She met a modeling agent who invited her to embark on a career in modeling.

King led a successful career as a fashion model at only 15 years old. She appeared in various magazines, including Vogue, Allure, and Harper’s Bazaar. In 1996, New York Times Magazine featured the young model as their cover story.

Aside from photoshoots, King became a runway model for luxury brands, like Chanel and Christian Dior.

In 1999, King began her acting career. She starred in a comedy film Happy Campers. Her performance earned a nomination at DVD Exclusive Awards as Best Actress.

Following her debut role, she worked with Hollywood actor Johnny Depp in the crime film Blow as his daughter. She also portrayed the role of a young nurse in the war drama Pearl Harbor in 2001.

Her acting breakthrough came when she starred as one of the lead cast in the action film Bulletproof Monk. Since 2001, King appeared in a series of action and drama films. Her most recent performance is at the 2019 action-thriller film Escape Plans: The Extractors.

Aside from her film work, she made her TV debut appearance as a guest star in the teen drama series The O.C. in 2015. She also starred in various TV shows, such as My Generation, Hart of Dixie, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, to name a few. Her last TV appearance is in a zombie apocalypse drama, Black Summer.

During her modeling career, King began using heroin as a young teenage girl. She later entered a treatment facility to treat her drug addiction.

When it comes to her dating life, King dated Davide Sorrenti, who died due to kidney ailment. At 21, she briefly dated American singer Kid Rock.

In 2007, King married film director Kyle Newman, who she met on the set of Fanboys. The couple has two adorable sons, James Knight and Leo Thomas. She later filed a divorce in May 2020 after 13 years of marriage.

As a former fashion model, King appeared in several magazines where she ranked as one of the hottest women. Now 41, Jaime still looks fantastic on her skimpy bikini outfits. She confidently wears swimsuits while showing off her ass and boobs in family beach trips. Treat yourself by checking out Jaime King’s photos that will surely make your day.

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