Monday , 27 June 2022

50 Sexy And Hot Yara Martinez Photos

Born in Puerto Rico on August 31, 1979, Yara Martinez is a Latina television artist best known for playing the characters of Kelly in Hollywood Heights as Dr. Luisa Alver in the global CW hit series, Jane the Virgin. Martinez is Cuban-American, but she was partially raised in her home country. She grew up in Miami when her family relocated at some point in her formative years. Martinez studied ballet for 10 years before moving onto the art of acting. The black-haired starlet is the grandniece of Alicia Alonso, a renowned ballet dancer.

She started her career with minor roles on popular television series. She had a supporting part in the movie The Hitcher in 2007. She eventually returned to mainstream TV and took on the drama genre, where she had a range of guests and repeated roles. From 3 years, the hot woman gave life to the character of Mariella Moretta in the TNT Network crime show, Southland, and then later appeared as the sexy Theresa Lopez in the ABC drama program, The Lying Game. She also had extended characters on American programs like Breakout Kings, Vanished, The Unit, and even got to polish her singing skills in the show Nashville.

Yara Martinez got cast as a standard member of the cast on 2012’s Hollywood Heights, a short soap opera that gets shown in a premiere time slot. The Latina bombshell also starred in Amazon comedic program, Alpha House, a year later. Soon after, in The CW dramedy Jane the Virgin and the HBO crime drama True Detective, Martinez would portray her most famous roles to date. She can also be seen in the Amazon story arc, The Tick, Martinez characterizes the lovely lady, Ms. Lint.

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