Monday , 27 June 2022

50 Hot Hot Riley Voelkel Photos That Will Make Your Day Better

Riley Voelkel is an American TV personality, born April 26, 1990. She has widely recognized for her appearances on The CW television drama The Originals for giving life to the character Freya Mikaelson. Voelkel also started playing Jenna Johnson’s role on The Newsroom HBO Television show. Voelkel was born in the US but brought up in Canada. She was very active in sports and academics. The beauty was famous for having been part of a nine-year softball team.

A modeling scout was going to her town only a month before the beauty was going to leave for college. Having felt like it was destiny making away, she opted to try her fortune. The scout chose her out of all those who went to the go-see and booked her a flight so she could go to Los Angeles, where she could meet several agents that would end up liking her vibe very much. The blonde siren moved to Los Angeles, where she functioned as a model for a time, but she discovered her love for the performing arts and then joined an acting class suggested by an operative from the company she signed with soon after.

Riley Voelkel’s first breakout role in the acting industry came because she got a minor part in the character of a club girl in the global blockbuster The Social Network. The sexy model turned actress signed with a new agent after completing the flick and managed to book her debut leading role, like Carrie in the indie film, The Secret Lives of Dorks in the year 2013. However, before this, the multi-talented siren joined the HBO series The Newsroom in 2012 initially only for the season premiere but later hired to give life to the recurring role of  Jenna ‘s character. She got cast as one of the stars in Amazon’s “Point Of Honors” first episode a year later.

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