50 Hot And Sexy Natalya Rudakova Photos

Natalya Rudakova is of ethnic Russian origin, as the name indicates. Rudakova was born in the union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Leningrad on the 14th of February 1985. She is registered as a citizen of America and also Russia. When her family moved to the United States of America, she was already 17 years old. The Rudakovas took up residence in New York City, New York. There is limited knowledge about her educational background except that she had already finished her studies before migrating. She is famous for having a sexy body and a gorgeous face framed by fiery red hair.

Rudakova was not in the media and entertainment industry. He was in former employments and was far from it, and in fact, had never done anything like acting before. Natalya was formerly working as a hairstylist at a New York parlor. Until the Transporter 3 director and co-writer, Luc Besson stopped in her beauty and immediately offered her the lead role for the said movie. It was also Besson who paid for the hot star’s acting workshops.

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