50 Hot And Sexy Kelia Moniz Photos

The gorgeous Kelia Moniz is the daughter of Tony Moniz, the iconic big wave rider who has surfed professionally for over thirty years. In the year 1991, Tony was the coach of the Hawaii World Amateur Team and he has always been invited to the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational. Tony is now heading his family business ‘Faith Surf School’ in Oahu.

Kelia started surfing when she was five, but, her father never compelled her to do that and she got her own board only after turning ten. Kelia had the good fortune of living, spending time and receiving education on the Oahu beach as she was homeschooled along with four of her brothers. Therefore, whenever the waves were good, she used to finish her work the night before and surfed with her family early next morning.

Kelia is now called the Queen of longboarding, but, she is also great on a shortboard. It is a fact that she has spent most of her time on longboards, but, she later acquired shortboard skills to take on her brothers.

Kelia’s professional career with sponsors Roxy started as a shortboarder when she was 13. However, that was a brief sting and she again teamed up with Roxy as a longboarder at age 16. Kelia was 15 when she reached the second place in the Roxy Jam Honolulu on a longboard, and finished at the first place at the NSSA High School Nationals on a shortboard. She was 19 when she defeated Chelsea Williams in the Swatch Girls Pro in China and became ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion.

Kelia Moniz has a fascinating heritage with Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Portugese and Irish roots. Her first name is Greek and it means ‘beautiful.’ Roxy recognized Kelia’s immense talent, style, grace and physical beauty which are camera friendly. With such a disarming smile, the grace of a dancer and energy and the curvy sexiness of a perfect swimsuit model. Kelia is an absolute stunner.

She was asked by ‘Gurl Magazine’ if she ever becomes self-conscious about her body?

The gorgeous Kelia replied, “I just think that there is photoshop and if I look really bad, I know that photographers will use Photoshop to make me look good. It helps.”

These sexy Kelia Moniz bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Yes, Kelia Moniz is a very sexy woman and Kelia Moniz’s bra and breast size prove that Kelia Moniz can carry off any dress in style. So, we have also gathered a few Kelia Moniz bikini and swimsuit featuring Kelia Moniz’s face and body pictures as well.

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