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The dance form of ballet is regarded as one of the most difficult and challenging dance forms. One of the famous stars from the field of ballet is the prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. She is Russian by descent and was born on the 20th of January 1976. She resides in the Saint Petersburg region of Russia.

Her upbringing has been away from the riches as she was brought up in a middle-class household in Saint Petersburg. Her mother was a tour guide by profession and her father happened to be a table tennis champion player and coach. At the mere age of five, she had the honor of watching with her mother the movie “The Nutcracker”. That was the point where she made her decision of taking up dance and ballet as her career option. Although she was blessed with a beautiful body, some of the other attributes of ballet like the long legs and the flexibility were missing in her.

The private lessons she took at home alongside her teacher proved to be extremely helpful as she improved slowly but steadily. The famous Natalia Dudinskaya trained her at the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy. She was one of the very few who had the honor of being a prima ballerina while at the same time being a student. Staring in Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre was the starting point in her life and from there onwards she has never looked back.

She won the first prize and also a gold medal at the 2nd Lifar International Ballet competition which takes place in Kiev. Her career is marked by many such prestigious achievements and glory. Apart from the ballet she even graduated with an MBA degree from the Higher School of Economics showing her prowess in all fields of life.

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