50 Hot Alexandra Stan Photos Will Make Your Day Even Better

Alexandra Stan’s lifestyle truly has been an inspirational one and among the ones that we can look up to and learn from. Stan, a Romanian Songwriter, and Singer had a very humble start to her career but went on to win the biggest awards in Romania and subsequently in Europe.

Before the success of Mr. Saxophone and Lollipop, little Alexandra was just 15 when she was invited to sing for a TV show. Later on, in her days of struggle and growth, she participated in various other shows including the grandest of them all, Mamaia Music Festival in 2009. These, however, did not give her a major breakthrough until in 2009 when she got discovered while singing in a bar in Constanta by Romanian Songwriters and Producers Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi.

This paved the way for her debut single and hit Lollipop (Param Pam Pam) which received immense praise and criticism for her low budget and erotic music video. From 2009-2011, she had a rather dry time till the release of Mr. Saxophone that took Romania and Europe by surprise. It remained number one on the charts for 8 consecutive weeks and also ended up winning the Best Romanian Act and a nomination for Best European Act at the European Music Awards. Adding to the success, she also won the European Border Breaker Award as her song topped the charts in 15 other European Nations. She followed her success with songs like Lemonade, and her subsequent Album, Unlocked she maintained her stronghold in the Music Industry despite the setbacks and controversies she got covered by, including instances of domestic violence and feuds with Prodan.

All her 4 albums have been worthy of the recognition she has received. While Mr. Saxobeat gave her a place in top songs of Billboard, her recent song, Miami brought in lots of accolades. Her Journey from battling PTSD and fighting toxic household people, singing at Karaoke Bars, she came a long way to be where she is, right now.

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