5 Tips To Have A Shared Orgasm With Your Partner

Although orgasms shouldn’t be perceived as a primary goal of having sex, you cannot deny that it is a much enjoyable and pleasurable bonus. And the thing that is capable of making it even more joyful is to have it at the very exact moment as your partner. Finishing in sync will make both of you feel even more connected when it would seem that you’ve already reached the limit.

However, not so many couples can brag that they climax together. Indeed, it is seldom achieved during regular intercourse. But if you are interested in trying this, this article is for you!

Below, we’ll share five tips to have a shared orgasm with your partner, ranging from using sex toys to synchronizing with your partner, among other things. Read on and make your sexual relationship even more intimate!

Use Toys To Stimulate Your Partner 

There are plenty of sex toys available on the market for all genders. And while there’s still some taboo around buying adult toys, the truth is that it’s nothing to be ashamed of – there’s a reason why the market is flourishing, and that’s because people use them more than they admit.

Using sex toys is a great way to satisfy your partner who might need a little more time than you to climax. If you want to explore the topic more, and see what options you might have, you can visit this website.

Get To Know Each Other Even Better

This tip works for couples who have been together for some time now but still need some extra intimacy in their relationship. Try it out and see how much better your sex life will become by doing this! Just simply ask each other questions about what turns you on, what turns them off and why etc.

You can even ask them to take a test which reveals their deepest desires in order to really get to know each other better, which will also help you to finish together with your partner!

Control Your Breathing

You need to take control over your breathing when trying to finish together with your partner. This is important because during an orgasm, the body releases hormones that make both of you feel extremely happy and relaxed. By controlling your breathing, you can help prolong this feeling for longer and make your orgasm even more pleasurable.

In order to finish together with your partner, you need to synchronize your breathing as well as your bodies’ movements. And the key to this is being in sync with one another by taking deep breaths in sync with your partner. If one of you starts breathing faster than the other, just breathe slower and let them catch up with your breathing rhythm. This way, you’ll be able to have an orgasm at the same time because you’re both going through it together.

Watch Each Other And Talk Dirty

Watching each other while having sex is one of the tips to finish together with your partner that we recommend everyone tries out. This way, you’ll not only be able to see what excites your partner more, but you’ll be able to talk dirty with each other as well. This will create an even more intense sensation and help bring you both closer together as well.

Talking dirty during sex is not only something that will increase pleasure between both partners, but it will also help you finish together. So don’t hold back from saying whatever comes into your mind – you might be surprised by how much it will turn both of you on! Also, don’t be afraid to tell your partner about any of your sexual fantasies or kinks that you have either – there’s no shame in them!

Don’t Forget About Foreplay!

If you want to finish together with your partner, don’t forget about foreplay! Foreplay is extremely important because it helps increase the intensity of your orgasm and it makes it even more pleasurable as well. So don’t rush through foreplay – take your time and enjoy every second of it.

The Bottom Line 

While having an orgasm is definitely something that makes sex more enjoyable, there’s something that makes it even better – climaxing at the same time as your partner. However, not many couples can say that they are actually able to reach an orgasm together. Thankfully, there are some things that you can change to make it possible – some of which we have listed above.

We hope that after reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what to do, so that you and your partner can climax together. Just remember – the more you stress about it, the harder it will be to have an orgasm. Have fun!

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