40 Hot And Sexy Chloe Sevigny Photos

Chloë Sevigny is a popular indie film actress. Many fans admire her for her acting skills and sexy figure.

Chloë Sevigny was born in 1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Her family came from a rich heritage of Polish, French, and Canadian descent. Despite living in an affluent neighborhood, Sevigny’s family led a simple domestic life. As a young girl, Sevigny attended theatre camps during the summer, where she starred in stage plays as the lead role.

During her teens, Sevigny loved taking trips to New York. In one of her visits, a fashion editor from Sassy magazine saw Sevigny, who’s only eighteen at that time. Her impressive flair for fashion earned the attention of the teen magazine editor.

Soon, Sevigny got offered her first modeling job and a magazine internship. She also worked for an urban clothing line called X-Girl.

Sevigny got into the skateboard scene and spent most of her time at the Washington Square Park. There she met Harmony Korine, an aspiring young director, who later became her friend. In 1995, Korine included Sevigny in the coming-of-age film Kids as one of the lead casts.

In the film, Sevigny got her debut role as Jennie, a teen girl who discovered she is HIV-positive. Sevigny earned her first acting nomination in the Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Female.

Sevigny’s popularity led her on the front cover of Interview magazine. Writer Jay McInerney from The New Yorker wrote an article about her, where he identified the budding actress as the new “it girl.”

In the late 1990s, Sevigny appeared in a string of independent films, such as Trees Lounge, Gummo, The Last Days of Disco, and Palmetto. She later received mainstream recognition after appearing in the movie Boys Don’t Cry. 

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