18 Awesome TV Series That Have Become Unwatchable



Season 1 was great and fresh. Season 2 didn’t know what to do with itself and just started giving everyone super powers.

By Season 3, characters were just changing motivations at the drop of a hat and it was just a huge mess of bad writing.


The blacklist, so many loopholes and a never ending plot. I mean, the female hero was wanted and had her pictures broadcast nationwide live, but a couple of weeks after she can do undercover work


Once Upon a Time. The first 3 seasons were good! And then after that they just kept getting worse


Game of Thrones. I was enamored with it for the first 5 seasons. 6 only reinforced my love but I remember some cracks starting to show. 7 went downhill super fast and I refused to sully my memories with 8.



A hilarious and intriguing show that slowly grew to be about a bunch of unlikable assholes making bad, selfish decisions. When there’s no one with any redeeming characteristics, there’s no one for the audience to get behind.


Arrow. It’s what happens when you try to make so many seasons for a show meant for only a few.


How to Get Away with Murder. The first season had some intrigue and plot…and then they just start murdering people left and right after that.


Dexter was great but peaked at the end of season 4. Could not stand the last two seasons


Castle – By the end of filming the two main leads hated each other… and you can tell! They had to come up with whacky storyline’s to keep them apart.


Not the worst offender, but That 70’s Show tanked pretty hard once Eric left. He was sorely needed to make the chemistry of the group work.


Grey’s Anatomy 100%

The show was great, but I just can’t keep up with all the twists and turns and freaky accidents anymore. It’s also a lot less funny. It should have ended seasons ago.


Probably Prison Break, after the first season it became immediately dull.


I actually think that Glee was like a fun guilty pleasure show when it first came out.

Then after like 4-6 episodes there was a writers’ strike and when it finally came back it just got worse and worse until it was unwatchable.



Loved the premise and first couple of seasons, but later it turned into just stupid drama between the characters and less about actual law.


The Flash on CW


Shameless. Haven’t even finished the season Fiona leaves and I’ve heard it only gets worse


Supernatural. The first seasons are so good and then it basically turns into “what weird monster can we come up with in between killing off and resurrecting the Winchester boys and all their friends/family?”

Like I tapped out with the episode involving Tinkerbelle. I did watch the series finale and it sure was a finale.


The Walking Dead

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