16 Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested

The most recurrent reminder that celebrities are regular people just like us, is when they are arrested … which kind of happens a lot.

Ezra Miller, for example, was arrested in April 2022 in Hawaii for second-degree assault after he allegedly threw a chair which hit the victim on the forehead, causing a cut that was half an inch thick.

Now check out these other famous arrests.

Tiffany Haddish was arrested in Jan. 2022 for a DUI, after she allegedly was found sleeping in the driver’s seat of her vehicle.

James Brown had many, many run-ins with the police throughout his years. This mugshot was taken after his arrest in 2004 in Aiken County, South Carolina for domestic violence.

In 1961, Al Pacino was arrested in Woonsocket, Rhode Island for possession of a concealed weapon.

Bruno Mars was arrested in 2010 in Las Vegas for cocaine possession.

Also in Las Vegas, Paris Hilton was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of felony cocaine possession, after a container of the drug allegedly fell out of her handbag.

In 2005, Chris Tucker was arrested in Georgia for reckless driving. Tucker was allegedly driving 109mph, and led the police on a 10-mile high-speed pursuit before he stopped.

David Bowie was arrested in 1976 in Rochester, New York for marijuana possession. Bowie and Iggy Pop were both arrested after police allegedly found six ounces of weed in their hotel rooms. Truly ICONIC.

In 1938, Frank Sinatra was arrested in Hoboken, New Jersey for seducing a woman “under the promise of marriage.”

Lindsey Lohan was arrested in 2010 for probation violations related to her two DUI arrests in 2007.

In 1959 when she was only 13 years old, Cher was arrested in Los Angeles for “borrowing” a friend’s car and driving without a license.

In 1993, Keanu Reeves was arrested in Los Angeles for a DUI and reckless driving.

Bill Gates was arrested in 1977 in Albuquerque, New Mexico for driving without a license after he ran a stop sign.

Mickey Rourke was arrested in 1994 in Los Angeles for spousal abuse of his 25-year-old wife.

In 1999, Robert Downey Jr. in California for missing required drug tests while on probation for his 1996 charges — possession of cocaine, heroin, and a .357 magnum handgun.

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