Friday , 24 June 2022

10 Super Valuable Life Lessons From ‘Wild’

1. You complete yourself.


You don’t need someone else to feel complete, because you are the only person that can truly make yourself feel whole. While cheesy, it’s the most important love lesson Cheryl Strayed teaches.

2. Never give up.


Because when you get to the finish line, it’s the best feeling in the world.

3. The right size boots are everything.


Seriously though, before you hike make sure you have the right size boots, because toenails are super important.

4. Trust your instincts.


Especially when it comes to people, it’s okay to trust people, but also keep your guard up a little bit because your gut is normally right.

5. Be rich in love.


Cheryl grew up in poverty, but her mother used to say that they were “rich in love” which is all you need. That and a large pizza.

6. You never know when you’ll need condoms.


Okay, so you don’t need a whole roll when you’re hiking the PCT, but keeping one is a good omen.

7. Always be in the driver’s seat of your life.


Cheryl Strayed’s mom Bobbi learned that lesson the hard way. She was someones wife, someones mom, but she regretted never being in control of her own life.

8. Find your best self.


Whether you have to hike 1,200 miles or write a novel or whatever it is you need, find it. Stop regretting things in the past because it got you to where you are now.

9. Sometimes the one you love isn’t the one.


Cheryl and her ex remain close throughout the movie. Even though they were in love when they split, they recognized they shouldn’t be together.

10. Life is an adventure.


Be spontaneous and wild and keep going no matter how shitty things get. Wallowing will get you no where, and if necessary leave that shitty life behind and find something better.

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