10 Photos Of Gigi And Bella Hadid, Duo Victoria Secret Angels

1. Gigi and Bella Hadid are 1 year apart. Gigi Hadid was born on 23 April 1995 and Bella on 9 October 1996

2. Their mother, Yolanda Hadid explains that her daughters should start their career when they are 18 years old. Due to she wants them to have a normal life 

3. Both are in relationship. Gigi is Zyan Malik’s girlfriend and having a beautiful baby, while Bella rumor to have relationship with Duke Nicholson

4. Gigi is 1,79 meters tall and Bella is 1,75 meters tall

5. Gigi and Bella played a part in Victoria Secret fashion show in 2018. They look gorgeous and stunning

6. They always spend time together and celebrate their special day like birthday with family

7. They spend time together to plant vegetables and herbs in their farm in Pennsylvania

8. Gigi has blonde long hair and Bella with her brown wavy long hair

9. Both are included as the most paid model in the world. Bella was nominated as the most beautiful woman from science perspective  

10. Bella and Gigi are great super model and hard worker. They always put their effort all together into things that they do

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