Woman Matches With Her Own Father On Sugar Daddy Website

Hot or awkward? I mean matching with your own father on a sugar daddy dating site is only awkward. Although it would appear as if you’re looking for each other if you match right?

That’s what happened to social media influencer Ava Louise. She took to TikTok and put her old man on blast.

Ava also claimed to have messaged him to which he appropriately responded by blocking her and never talking about it.

I love everything about this story. I love the fact that they’re both on a sugar daddy website essentially seeking out each other. I love she put him on blast and I love that it became a story.

Why not? It beats the hell out of watching the mainstream news.

Now is the best time to have a shitload of extra money to waste. Too bad I don’t have a shitload of extra money, and too bad the money I do have I spend on my kids and my family.

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