Thursday , 7 July 2022

Top 10 celebrity bikini bods

10. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook was at the head of the pack when she stripped down to her two-piece in Miami for her latest New Look photo shoot back in February. She’s not got a tan but with those killer curves, who cares! This snap was also among those that sparked Katie Price v Kelly Brook-gate, but the less said about that the better.

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

9. Jodie Marsh

There’s nothing Jodie Marsh likes better than showing off her ever-changing physique. She’s laid off the body building by the looks of this latest bikini pic but she’s still in good nick. Oh, and we’re oh so jealous of that soft white sand, too.

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

8. Tamara Ecclestone

We’ve seen so many photos of Tamara Ecclestone sunning herself in Miami clad in a never-ending supply of bikinis it feels as though she’s been there for months. Oh how the other half lives.

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

7. Alexandra Burke 

Alexandra Burke also jetted out to Miami to escape the miserable British weather we’ve been forced to endure for the past few months. A natural beauty, The X Factor champ even managed to pull off a bandana as she frolicked in the surf.

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

6. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is fast encroaching on her elder sister Kim Kardashian as the most self-promoting Kardashian of the entire bunch. But with that figure, who can blame her? The 17-year-old model showed off her slender frame – and Khloe’s new dog – as she soaked up the rays poolside. Oh to be a Kardashian…

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

5.  Sam and Billie Faiers

Sam Faiers and her elder sister Billie gave TOWIE fans a treat when they stripped off for a bit of aqua aerobics on the show. Roll on Marbs…

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

4. Lauren Pope, Chloe Sims and Diags

Not one to be outdone by their TOWIE co-stars, Lauren Pope, Chloe Sims and, er, Diags also got their kit off in a recent episode of the ITV2 reality show. We’re not too sure about Diags’ muffin top but Lauren and Chloe are looking HAWT!

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

3. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj knows how to make the most of her figure like no other celeb on earth now that Kim Kardashian’s evolving style has been thwarted by her pregnancy curves. Plenty of boobs, accentuate the waist, flash the bum… Nicki looks great on the set for her latest video.


Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

2. Cameron Diaz

She’s may be 40 years old but boy does Cameron Diaz still look good in a bikini. The mismatched bikini is usually a no-go as far as we’re concerned by the Hollywood hottie looks fab. And don’t get us started on that idyllic beach…

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

1. Rihanna

Rihanna probably has more bikinis than the majority of the celeb population combined. If she’s not posting pics of herself in her undies, she’s puffing away in some distant land – usually Barbados – wearing nothing but an itsy bitsy. Well jel.

Top 10-celebrity-bikin-bods

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