Tips for How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face


Glasses can be worn for fashion or for function, either way you have to make an effort to look your best. Perfect eyewear mirrors your style, enhances your appearance and even has a power to minimize your imperfections while drawing the attention to your best features. In an ideal world, you would own dozens of pairs in various colors, shapes and styles to correspond to your mood and outfits, but in reality glasses can be way too expensive and you are limited to have just one or two pairs. In this case you have to make sure the ones you choose are as flattering as possible. Especially now, that the ‘geek-chick’ look has conquered the fashion world. Whenever the time comes to buy your next pair, keep in mind these 4 general tips:


Contrast – the shape of the frame should contrast the shape of your face, so if you have rounder features, better opt for more angular glasses, and angular features require more curvy shapes.


Proportion – look for frames which will be in proportion with the rest of your face. Don’t confuse it with choosing sunglasses, which have to be larger for the greater coverage. Remember, frames that look classy as a pair of sunglasses won’t necessarily look nice when being used for optical lenses.


Face shape – there are four general types of face shapes: round, heart, square and oval. You can simply trace the contour of your face with the help of pencil and a piece of paper placed on top of an image of your face, or go to the bathroom and trace your face outline on the bathroom mirror with an eyeliner or anything you have at hand. Once you determined which contour Is ours, you are ready to get your new frames with some degree of confidence they will complement your appearance.


Round face shape
It’s all about curves when it comes to round faces, width and length of the face are almost proportional. You can easily define the soft circular shape by the wide forehead, fuller cheeks and a rounded chin.
Opt for angular shapes, frames should be wider than they are deep. Rectangular frame styles will give the illusion of slimmer and longer face. Wearing narrow styles of rectangular frames will create a balance with rounder features. Frames with a slight up-sweep at the corners will flash those fabulous cheeks and pull the eye upward.
Remember that small, round or oversized frames won’t play well with your face shape, moreover they will make your face appear even more round, and we don’t want that to happen, right?


Oval face shape
Oval faces are defined by well-balanced features, jaw is slightly narrower than the forehead. People with oval shaped faces are so lucky, there are a wide range of options in the field of eyewear. Seriously, there is no limit to the shapes or kinds of glasses you can buy.
Square, rectangle, round and cat-eye frames are the best bet for you. If you want stay in vogue there are plenty of vibrant and fashion-forward styles. But take care to avoid too small or too large frames not to overwhelm your features.


Heart face shape
A heart-shaped face is defined by broad forehead, high cheekbones that taper to a small chin. Make sure that eyeglasses are wider than your forehead. Opt for bottom-heavy frames, like a deep square ones, to widen the lower part of your face or light colored rimless frames. The trick is very simple, frames should balance different widths of your face. Take large cat-eye frames into consideration, not only are they considered as a hot trend, but also are ideal for the heart-shaped faces. Aviator glasses will only reflect the shape of your face so remember to stay away from them.


Square face shape
The square face generally has strong features, well-defined by distinct angles in the jawline, cheeks and forehead. The main goal while choosing eyewear for square shapes should be to soften that natural angularity and to ignore frames that could emphasize the squareness of facial features.
You can never go wrong with oval or round glasses which contrast square features and make your face look softer and thinner. Another tip to remember is that upswept frames easily draw attention away from the chin and soften the sharpness of features. Glasses should be wider than your face, to give the illusion of slimmer face. Yet another foolproof trick that flatters square faces is to select frames in light neutral colors like beige or ivory. And our final advice to get that perfect classy look – oversized glasses, aviators or exaggerated rounds can also do miracles with achieving a balanced look.


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