Saturday , 13 October 2018

These Two-Year-Old Girls Rock This Summer: Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley


Watch your back, North and Harper, because it seems like these cute little fashionistas are stealing the show. Ava and Everlaigh know how to bring some serious fashion sense to the table, but these girls are only 2-years-old. Even being so small and inexperienced, they have already featured in campaigns for Guess and Kardashian Kids and even appeared in Vogue Australia. Judging from their strong fashion sense, there’s more to come. No wonder these cuties have a penchant for trendy outfits.




Everlaigh and Ava were meant-to-be besties since their mothers have been best friends for a decade. Savannah (@Savv_soutas) and Michelle (@mfoley1984) did a great job posting their daughters’ images on Instagram. Now these two little fashionmongers are taking the internet by storm with more than 150,000 followers (@foreverandforava). They can give you a few style lessons, considering they are more successful at pulling off some voguish outfits than most adults.



The girls are inseparable. Not only they are modeling together, but they also take dance and gymnastics classes together. Before going out somewhere, they have to Facetime to make sure their outfits are matching perfectly. No one leaves the house without choosing the perfect fashion accessory piece. Close friendship mixed with natural charisma and magnetic chemistry make a perfect combo for a talented mother photographer.
Get your daily dose of cuteness and fashion inspo tips by scrolling down and browsing these adorable images.




You’ can never deny a large accessory. Its power works miracles.





The floral trend is in full bloom this Summer. You can never go wrong by mixing florals and lace.



Let your tee do the talking. Add a classy snapback and thigh highs to strengthen the effect of the message. Ta-da, you look awesome!



What can be better than roaming the streets in a classy fringe skirt and with a matching BFF nearby?


Mixing sweet with strict will make you the dopest girl on the block.




No summer vacation can get started until you’ve chosen the right swimsuit.






How about adding a golden touch to your flawless look? A mermaid inspired dress can make you look like a real goddess on the beach. Rest assured, hair accessories will play well with this ensemble.



Jean overalls are the #1 summer essential. Pair it with polka dots or stripes and voila- your look is classy and effortless.


Punk your style out by wearing some ripped jeans and converse. Be a rebel. You know you are killing the game when you have matching outfits.


Be unique and create your style. Let it be exclusive for yourself and identifiable for others. Try rocking patterned apparel while matching your headwear- now you’re doing it right!

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