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Tonia Couch was born on 20th May in the year 1989. Tonia Couch is a previous British Olympic diving expert. Tonia Couch was born in Plymouth. Tonia Couch had been a genuinely practiced focused diving expert when Tonia Couch took part in thediving event for a “preliminary” in September 1999. Only a month later, Tonia Couch won her first challenge, a beginner occasion at Crystal Palace in London. In February 2002, Tonia Couch turned into the most youthful young lady ever to fit the bill for the lottery-financed Junior Olympic Program, when Tonia Couch took bronze in the Junior young ladies stage occasion at the British Championships. It was by then that her ability on the stage was truly recognized. Tonia Couch took part at the 2005 and 2007 World Championships, completing 25th in the 10m stage in both. In 2008 and 2009, her eighth-place completes at the Olympics and the World Championships, the best outcome by a British female for a long time, verified her place in British the dive event history. Tonia Couch contended at the 2009 World Championships in Rome and at her second Commonwealth Games in 2010 in Delhi. At the 2010 Commonwealth recreations, her 10m synchro organization with Sarah Barrow increased the fourth spot. Tonia Couch achieved the World last again in 2011, completing ninth in the 10m stage.

In synchro organization with Sarah Barrow, the pair completed fourth. The couple won the European gold and World Cup bronze in 2012, and a completed in fifth-place before a home group at the London 2012 Olympics. In the 2013 season, Tonia Couch recovered the British 10m stage title, and contended at her fifth back to back World Championships in the mid-year, completing ninth in the 10m stage and fifth with Barrow in the 10m synchro.” In the 2014 season, Tonia Couch completed fourth at the World Cup in Shanghai, at that point joined with Barrow to win a silver decoration at the Commonwealth recreations held in Glasgow, 2014. At the March 2015 World Series in Dubai, Couch took the third spot in the 10m stage event. Tonia Couch won the general title of Diving World Series champion for the 10m stage, in the wake of winning four bronze decorations in the series. Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow additionally won two bronzes and a silver in the synchro event. Tonia Couch partook in the World Championships in Kazan, achieving eighth in the 10m stage occasion and sixth in the 10m synchro occasion with Sarah Barrow. This helped Team GB to verify an amount place at the 2016 Olympics. In 2016, Couch showed up on Deal or no Deal on Tour as a case opener.

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