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Born as Tanith Jessica Louise Belbin on July 11, 1984, she is a Canadian American ice dancer and Olympic program host for NBC Sports. Tanith-Belbin was born in Kingston, Ontario and she grew up in Kirkland, Quebec. In the year 1998, she moved to Detroit area in the United States and received an immigrant worker visa in 2000. The laws of that time meant that she couldn’t get a green card until July 2002 and wouldn’t have been able to get U.S. citizenship until 2007. However, an amendment was passed fortunately, allowing Belbin to be sworn in as an American citizen on December 31, 2005. She now holds dual citizenship of Canada and US.

Belbin lived and got trained in Canton, Michigan for a number of years before she relocated to Aston, Pennsylvania. After the year 2010, she decided to move back to Michigan and attend Eastern Michigan University and stay closer to her family and friends including the then boyfriend Charlie White. Belbin got engaged to White in June 2014 and they were married on April 25, 2015. In December 2017, their son was born.

Tanith Belbin started skating at the age of three and she started ice dancing when she was about eight or nine years old. She participated as a pair skater and ice dancer in Canada before deciding to solely focus on ice dancing.

Paul Wirtz introduced Belbin to ice dancing and she competed with partner Liam Dougherty. Her pairs partner was Ben Barruco, with whom she reached 2nd place at the novice level in the 1997 Canadian Championships. She didn’t compete with either of them internationally.

After relocating to United States, she started skating with Benjamin Agosto in 1998. Belbin is the 2006 Olympic Silver medallist, four-time World medallist, three time Four Continent champion (2004-2006), and five time U.S. champion (2004-2008).

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