The Hottest Squid Game Fame Lee Yoo-Mi Photos

Record-breaking Netflix Korean Drama Series, Squid Game has earned its position as the biggest series launch for the streaming service. From long-time actors to new screen talents, you cannot but applaud the level of fame that the cast has amassed since its release, one of which is the sensational actress, Lee Yoo-Mi. She has been in the acting business for some time before her recent popularity blow-up following her feature in the trending K-drama series.

Making her debut film appearance in The Yellow Sea in 2010, Lee Yoo-mi has maintained great career progress, featuring in numerous films and TV series before her real breakthrough in 2021. Following her first movie, the South Korean actress appeared in movies like “Rough Play”, “The Russian Novel”, and many more. Lee Yoo-mi has also acted in TV shows like Children of the 20th century, 365: Repeat of the Year, It’s Okay To Be Sensitive, Just Dance, and Doctor John among others.

As you have seen, Lee Yoo-mi has been a regular in Korean Entertainment for a long time, but you can say the hit Netflix series did it for her, bringing the actress into the global spotlight. Almost as soon as viewers got introduced to Lee Yoo-Mi’s character — Ji-young, a spark must have happened because her popularity records have experienced a sporadic change, as thousands of fans stormed her Instagram account, giving her a massive rise in followership with more than 6 million on followers, the week after the release of the hit TV series. This is an account that reportedly only had around 40,000 followers as of September 18. Beat that!

You should brace up to see more of Lee Yoo-Mi’s lead roles on your screen very soon because the actress is now set to star in the movie, “We Can’t Go To Heaven”, “But We Can Love” and in an upcoming Netflix series, All of Us Are Dead. This is definitely Lee Yoo-Mi’s time to shine.

While you wait for more screen action from the star actress, you should see these sexy photos of the alluring and sensational Lee Yoo-Mi that have been sourced out exclusively just for you.

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