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Although Sharon Tate is not with us anymore, everyone will forever remember Sharon for her outstanding talent in acting and her charming smile that always lights up a room. Tate’s well-built figure made her even more famous as she flaunts her hot bikini body in some of her movies back then. No one can also deny the fact that Tate had a prominently sexy face. She took her acting skills to the next level when she opted to show her boobs and ass in one of her movies. To see more Sharon Tate photos, check out our photo compilation here.

Hollywood actress Sharon Marie Tate was born on January 24, 1943, to a military family. She, along with her two younger siblings, enjoyed Texas life throughout their childhood. Because Tate’s father was in the military, the family moved a lot. Sharon had to go to several grade schools and high schools, making her have lesser friends and become shy throughout her teen years.

After Sharon bloomed as a teenager, she started to compete in pageants. She won Miss Richland in 1959 in Washington. She also wanted to join the Miss Washington pageant. However, her father had to move to Italy for military work. So, the family moved to Verona, Italy, where Sharon continued her high school. She entered Vicenza American High School and began to make friends with other students from other countries.

Sharon and her friends became film extras in the movie Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man when they taped in Venice. Movie star, Richard Beymer, then noticed Sharon’s beauty, and the two immediately became a couple throughout the production of the film in Italy. It was also Beymer who encouraged Sharon to be an actress. So, Pat Boone hired Sharon in 1960, and she appeared in an episode of Boone’s The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom.

After a couple of drawbacks and a few successes, Sharon finally had her first movie role where she also starred. The film, Eye of the Devil featured Sharon Tate as the character, Odile, a witch with a mysterious power. She then had another movie appearance on the film, The Fearless Vampire Killer and Don’t Make Waves, in 1967.

But Sharon’s breakthrough was her 1967 film, Valley of the Dolls, where she received a Golden Globe nomination. She then had more film projects before her untimely death.

Sharon’s death involved a gruesome murder where she and her friends, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger, were stabbed multiple times to death by Charles Manson’s cult followers. Police found Sharon’s body along with Sebring in the living room, tied together. They also found the bodies of Folger and Frykowski in the front lawn.

Tate and her baby’s remains are in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.

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