The Hottest Selena Gomez Boobs Photos

Selena Gomez, the widely celebrated pop singer of the present time, has a life worth living. Most people don’t know that before choosing music as a career, she was a fulltime actress. In 2002 she started acting in the television series Barney & Friends at the age of eight since then she hasn’t looked back.

Selena had a rough childhood, as the family suffered from severe financial problems. Her mother Amanda Dawn Cornett gave birth to her at an early age of 16, after five years her parents got divorced. Selena started auditioning for films in childhood, some of her famous movies are “Another Cinderella Story”,” Princess Protection Program”, “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie”.

Her journey in movies became off-focused as she started singing professionally. However, she didn’t stop doing movies completely. While having her acting career, she started singing in some of her own movie tracks. Then in 2008 Selena signed her first contract for Hollywood Records and published her debut album Kiss and Tell, which got a large number of audiences. After that in 2012, she appeared in “Hotel Transylvania”, she did Spring Breakers and Getaway in 2013. Then Gomez released her greatest hits collection For You and this kept ongoing.

Whether it is acting in high-rated movies or giving hit songs every year, Selena never disappointed her fans. She has been featured in the Billboard Chart for several times. She hit the Billboard 200 for her performance in Star Dance and her single Come & Get It made it to the Billboard hot 100.

Selena also co-produces the famous Netflix original 13 Reasons Why series. In her successful journey, she had to fight against some great obstacles like the Lupus disease. She has undergone a kidney transplant in 2017 as it was a life-and-death situation for her. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, Gomez has managed to fight all the problems and her career graph is still enviously upward.

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