The Hottest Sarah Logan Photos Around The Net

Let us discover this sexy athlete’s origins and recent activities. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, this beautiful celebrity joined the professional wrestling circuit fresh out of high school. This combat sport requires intense upper and lower body strength, which you can only achieve by dedicated training.

This young woman’s real name is Sarah Bridges, with her professional last name supposedly taken from one of the most popular British wrestlers, Steve Logan. She used several monikers on the ring, with the most famous one being Crazy Mary Dobson.

As the celebrity received training from Mad Man Pondo, a wrestler famous for his hardcore style, it is no wonder she adopted such a bizarre name. The female star adopted a creepy persona inside the ring, and this unique characteristic helped her gain more prominence in the industry.

Like most wrestlers in the industry, the hot athlete started making waves in the independent circuit. She participated in some organizations across Europe and the United States, such as Shimmer Women Athletes, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, and Ring of Honor.

Before agreeing to a developmental agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment, the American wrestler made several appearances in Raw and NXT. She participated in the Women’s Battle Royal, although her attempts to win a match were unsuccessful.

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