The Hottest Photos Of Sjokz

Eefje Sjokz Depoortere alias Sjokz was born on 16th June, in the year 1987. Sjokz is a desk hostess for the Riot Games. Eefje Sjokz Depoortere began as a questioner for SK Gaming and CyberSportsNetwork. Sjokz facilitated a week by week League of Legends news recap show called Summoners Recap. Sjokz got into gaming roughly 11 years back, playing iCTF in Unreal Tournament ’99. Sjokz contended in a few LANs and even won the Eurocup with the Belgian national group a few times.

Sjokz discovered her way into the League of Legends scene through an SK/ESFI World promotion searching for an “Alliance of Legends manager.” Worked as a piece of The Summoners Recap, one of the primary shows related with League of Legends. Sjokz increased greater permeability in the scene as Sjokz participated in Travis “Tnomad” Gafford’s week after week show “Whose League is it at any rate?” Sjokz likewise went to Korea to cover the OGN title in the meantime as Travis did. Sjokz is the Host for the European League Championship Series in Cologne, Germany. At the point when the move to Berlin was declared, Sjokz left ESL and marked on with Riot so as to keep facilitating the EU LCS.

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