The Hottest Photos Of Paula Tumala Will Make Your Day Better

She is a model, an actress, and a powerful social media personality. With a significant fan following on Instagram and Twitter, she is a celebrity to watch out for and we are speaking of none other than the gorgeous beauty Paula Tumala. She recently posted on social media a funny ordeal with her twin babies. While many models shy away from showing the challenges of motherhood that are faced by them, she spoke about her challenges in this post. This was praised from all quarters for her speaking out in this matter. In this video, she said how she has to clean up after her two babies very frequently and how that is quite a work at hand.

Paula Tumala is best known for being a photo model. Equipped with stunning looks and a perfect physique, she is a delight for the photographers and has been on the pages of several magazines. She has also been the face of many brands who wanted her to endorse their products. She is also known for donning the actress’s hat once in a while.

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