Friday , 22 October 2021

The Hottest Photos Of Dominique McElligott

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Dominique McElligott is an Irish actress. Born on 5th March 1986, she was attracted to acting from a very young age. She had been extremely private about her life and thus, there is a lot about her that the media is not aware of.

She started her career with a television show called On Home Ground. The show aired in the year 2001 and Dominique McElligott appeared in 10 episodes of the show. A little later in 2005, she did a show called Whiskey Echo. She was next seen in Raw, a television show that was running in 2008. She did not start doing movies until 2008. Even after that she majorly appeared in independent films.

The first independent movie that she was part of was Dark Floors, which was released in 2008. This was a English language, Finnish horror flick where the Lordi band members were playing the monsters. After Dark Floors, she was seen in a science fiction film called Moon (2009). The movie was directed by Duncan Jones and written by Nathan Parker. The film was well received and was even nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best British Film. During the same time, she was also seen in a television show titled Raw after which she was seen in the movie Leap Year (2010).

From the year 2011 to 2012, Dominique McElligott did an AMC series called Hell on Wheels. Her character Lily Bell played an important role in the series. She also started in The Astronaut Wives Club. Furthermore, she also played a part in the renowned Netflix show House of Cards. She played the character of Hannah Conway who was the wife of New York Governor and Republican presidential nominee Will Conway. She was part of both, the 4th and 5th season of the show.

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