The Hottest Photos Of Comic Book Girl 19

Danika Lee Massey, otherwise called Comic Book Girl 19 alias CBG19, is a web big name known for her critiques on funnies, movies, books, and network shows. Comic Book Girl 19 has recordings on a YouTube channel. Comic Book Girl 19 has a degree in consecutive craftsmanship from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Comic Book Girl 19 ended up prevalent on the web in the year 2013. This trailed a multi-year time of filling in as a tattoo craftsman. As of October 2016, her YouTube channel had more than 39 million perspectives and more than 520,000 endorsers. A portion of her most well-known recordings are editorials on the film Prometheus, the TV series Game of Thrones, and the narrative series Epic History X-Men. A few recordings dig away from plain sight of different mainstream culture legends and investigate embellishments in motion pictures. In the year 2013, Comic Book Girl 19 talked with Alec Gillis of Amalgamated Dynamics, an enhancements organization that represents considerable authority in animatronics and prosthetic cosmetics. CBG19 every so often co-presents with “Robot”, a humanoid 50’s Sci-Fi motivated Robotic character with the identity of an irate young person, and “Space Brain”, a drifting 50’s Sci-Fi enlivened outsider animal.

The CBG19 recordings are coordinated and altered by Tyson Wheeler whose imaginative organization is alluded to as “Group 19” or “Group 19 Productions”. Comic Book Girl 19 has contributed audits of different funnies to DC All Access. Comic Book Girl 19 has likewise shown up on The Jace Hall Show’s Lounge Live, Geek and Sundry, and Chaotic Awesome, sharing her perspectives on popular culture and funnies. Comic Book Girl 19 postured for the craftsman Daniel Dos Santos in a photo shoot for the front of Diana Rowland’s tale White Trash Zombie Apocalypse and was highlighted on Gizmodo for winning “Best in Show” for her RoboCop outfit at Dragon Con. Comic Book Girl 19 has been highlighted in Variety and Cosmopolitan. Comic Book Girl 19 has spoken at TEDx Claremont Colleges on the benefit of utilizing anecdotal characters for strengthening. CBG19 has said her alias associated with the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which is The Sun. Met by HelloGiggles in the year 2014, Massey said that her utilization of the number is identified with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. The number highlights in a considerable lot of her recordings as a tattoo. Comic Book Girl 19 and her group have additionally joined the group financing stage Patreon.

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