The Hottest Photos Of Charlotte Casiraghi

Let’s talk about a princess, not metaphorical but an actual real-world princess. Charlotte Casiraghi comes in the 11th position for the throne on Monaco, a small city-state in Western Europe. Charlotte is the namesake of her maternal great-grandmother Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois. Monaco is currently ruled by Prince Albert II.

Charlotte was born on 3rd August 1986 in Monaco. She has two brothers namely Andrea and Pierre, they were also born in the Mediterranean. Her father was killed in a boating accident, after that her mother quickly shifted to Saint-Remy-de-Provence to avoid media attention. Charlotte was chosen as the delegate from Monaco to the Club des Habits Rouges a prestigious club of Europe.

Casiraghi practices Show Jumping from 2001 to 2004 and got into the Marcel Rozier’s team Marionnaud. She attended multiple competitions on Show Jumping. Casiraghi specialized in Philosophy as her subject in the university. While studying at the University of Paris, she did many other things along with two internships. In the year 2010, she was entitled as the president of the Global Champions Tour in Monaco, previously her mother served the position. She also established the Swoon production in 2012.

Casiraghi also acted as a model for Collier Schorr and the infamous clothing line Gucci. She founded a center for a philosophical discussion forum named Les Recontres Philophiques de Monaco. Casiraghi has also written some books, overall she is living a life full of variety just as any other royals.

As with any other Royal family, they also take great care of their physical health and outlook. This real princess is worth giving some attention. I have some of her beautiful pictures that will take you back to your childhood fantasies. Check her nice pretty boobs cleavages and long and sexy legs in the following pictures. Without further delay let’s jump into the good thing of twenty-nine hottest Half-nude pictures of Charlotte Casiraghi.

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