Friday , 24 June 2022

The Hottest Photos Of Agnija Ditkovskite

Agnia (Agne) Olegovna Ditkovskyte is a Lithuanian and Russian actress known for her impressive roles in ‘Zhara’ (2006), ‘Rejection’ (2011) and ‘Dance to Death’ (2017).

Agnia was born on 11 May 1988 in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR into a family of Lithuanian director Olegas Ditkovskis and Russian actress Tatyana Lyutaeva. She lived in Lithuania up to fifteen years of age and in 2004, she along with her mother and younger brother Dominique moved to Moscow.

She decided to carry on with the work of her parents, that which frequently happens in creative families. She came to VGIK and went with the first course. In spite of this, Agnia was able to start her professional career and she made her debut in the feature film ‘Heat’ with a major role.

In 2006, she stopped shooting for some time but reappeared on screen in 2008, and continues to pursue her career as an actor to this day.

She met Russian actor Aleksey Chadov on the sets of the film ‘Heat’ after which they began an affair. They were together on the sets of ‘Loe in the Big City’ where Chadov played a leading role. In some time, their relationship began to crumble and Agnia initiated their break up. Later, they decided to resume their relations and the young couple got married on August 24, 2012. They had a son named Fedor on June 5, 2014. But the actors broke up again in 2015. She apparently has another child who was born on April 16, 2017, but the name and gender of the child are unknown.

In 2007, she was nominated for the Best Actress Award and the Best Debut of the Year in MTV Movie Awards– both for the film ‘Zhara’. In 2010, she became the nominee for the Best Duo with Roma Kenga for the song “Samolety” in Muz-TV Music Awards.

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