The Hottest Paula Abdul Photos

Looking at Paula Abdul’s sexy pictures, she undeniably has a beauty that never fades in time. Paula Abdul is famous for her versatility because she is a singer, actress, dancer, and choreographer. As you browse through her pictures, find out more information about her.

Paula Julie Abdul was born on the 19th of June 1962 in San Fernando, California. Her parents are both Jewish. Her father is Syrian-Jewish, and her mother grew up in a Jewish household.

Her father’s name is Harry Abdul, and her mother’s name is Lorraine Rykiss, a pianist.

She has a sister named Wendy.

Gene Kelly’s film Singin’ in the Rain inspired her to be in a performing industry. At a young age, Abdul took dance lessons, which include tap, ballet, jazz.

Abdul went to Van Nuys High School for her secondary education. At that time, she was an honor student and a cheerleader, which is hot.

For college, Abdul went to California State University, Northridge to study broadcasting. During her first year, she became one of the lucky few who made it in the Laker Girls. It is a group of cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Seven hundred candidates auditioned.

Her career in Hollywood started when The Jacksons discovered her in one of her performances in the Los Angeles Lakers game. The Jacksons hired her for the choreography of Torture. Abdul admitted feeling intimidated at that time.

Her performance opened an opportunity for her to make a career as a choreographer. Some of her choreographies are Janet Jackson’s music videos, such as Nasty and Control. Because of her successful choreography, The Jacksons chose her for their Victory Tour.

Abdul looks gorgeous in her bikini, but she has proven to be more than just a beauty. She tried her hands into singing and used her savings for a demo.

Abdul signed to Virgin Records but had to work with coaches to improve her singing skills. Her debut album is Forever Your Girl, which became successful and hit the billboard chart.

In 1991, Abdul released her second album, Spellbound, which was also a success. It includes her singles, The Promise of a New Day, and Blowing Kisses in the Wind.

Yet, her third album Head Over Heels was not as successful. She had to get her ass in a hiatus to get treatment for her health issues.

When her popularity declined, Abdul rose to fame again when she became one of the American Idol judges in 2002.

Abdul was once married to Emilio Estevez for two years since 1992. In 1996, she married Brad Beckerman but divorced after less than two years of marriage due to their differences.

Amid the fame as an artist with a pretty face, butt, and boobs, Abdul has been a subject of a lot of controversies. Throughout her career, she has shown that she has the talent of a versatile artist.

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