The Hottest Ming Ma Wen Photos Around The Net

Everybody knows her as the hot badass agent, Melinda May, in the Marvel series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Although Ming Na Wen appeared to be a confidently sexy actress, she shared that she had a tough time placing herself in the showbiz industry as an Asian. But don’t take it too seriously because Wen has come to terms with her struggles. Now, you can see her chilling at the beach in her bikini, showing some side boobs. To see more photos of Ming Na Wen, head out to our compilation of images here.

Born to both Chinese parents on November 20, 1963, Ming Na Wen and her mother moved to Hong Kong after her parents’ divorce. Before Wen was born, her parents had to move to Coloane, Macau, to escape from the horror of Mainland China back in the days. Then, when her mother remarried, they had to move to New York City when she was only four years old. They finally settled in Pennsylvania, where Wen attended school until college in 1986.

Right before she graduated from college, Wen already had her first T.V. appearance. She landed a role in the T.V. series, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Then, right after college, Wen immediately went into acting. From 1988 to 1991, Wen starred in the soap opera, As the World Turns.

In 1993, Wen finally had her first starring role in the critically acclaimed film, The Joy Luck Club. She portrayed the character, June, the daughter who struggled from the high expectations of her mother. In one interview with N.B.C. news, Wen opened up her love for the movie and that it was one of the most meaningful roles she has ever done.

After the success of her first movie, Wen switched back to making T.V. shows. She starred in the famous N.B.C. series, E.R. as a doctor. She first appeared in the series as a recurring role in 1994. Then she reprised her role in 1999 as the main cast.

In 1998, Wen became the voice of Mulan in the animated film, Mulan. She also reprised her voice role in Mulan II. Fast forward to December 2008, Wen ventured into theatre and starred in the stage production of Grease for a beneficial cause.

In 2013, Wen starred in her most significant role, as the kick-ass Agent Melinda May in the Marvel series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She appeared in a total of 113 episodes and is still currently in the series. Wen’s recent T.V. series it the upcoming animated series, Transformers: Siege.

Wen got married to her first husband, Kirk Aanes, in 1990. Then, the two divorced in 1993. After two years, she got married to Eric Michael, and they have two beautiful children together.

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