The Hottest Melissa Riso Photos Around The Net

And so she did, with Melissa Riso discovering that she was a natural talent in front of the camera. The hot celebrity has graced the cover of several local magazines and had background roles on TV shows like Las Vegas and Greek.

The determined star started her acting career with commercials and infomercials, eventually starring in music videos of notable artists like Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, and Travis Barker. The year 2014 was significant for this talented celebrity as she bagged the lead role on a national Pepsi commercial and an advertising deal for Fila and LA Fitness.

To pursue her dreams of being an actress, the lovely brunette obtained a card from the Screen Actors Guild in 2015. Melissa Riso continues to hone her acting skills, with the desire to feature in an action movie. Though we can see her shining as an action star, we are positive that this woman can handle other movie genres.

Like some Hollywood celebrities, Melissa Riso also ventured into business. However, unlike other women, she did not create a line of clothing or perfume. As a practicing cosmetologist, the gorgeous brunette released hair care products solely targeting men. Her products range from shampoos and conditioners to shaving lotions and pomade.

This sizzling model has an extensive fan base, with over one million followers on her Instagram account. Even her company and work accounts have thousands of people subscribed to them. Her feed has no shortage of dangerously sensual photos that will make your jaw drop or turn green in envy.

This alluring model has a body to die for, with a slim waist that accentuates her generous boobs and ass. Like us, you will probably spend a lot of time scrolling through her feed with all the eye candy. Whether Melissa Riso is lifting some weights, holding a gun, or basking under the sun, she looks fantastic.

The voluptuous celebrity has an eye-catching tattoo on her stomach area, although she has recently gone to a professional to remove it. Though it looked great on her, we are all for supporting this woman’s choices with her body.

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