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Martina McBride, also known by her birth name Martina Mariea Schiff was born in 1966 in Sharon, Kansas. Her family raised her in a small country farm. At a young age, she gained an interest in singing when her father exposed her to country music. In her free time, she would listen to the songs of Juice Newton, Patsy Cline, and Connie Smith.

When she turned eight, she joined her father’s band, “The Schiffters.” Later, Martina’s role in the group broadened, from singing to playing the keyboard.

Martina also performed with The Penetrators, a local rock band in Wichita. She also worked with musicians and formed a group called Lotus. They gathered in a rehearsal space owned by a studio engineer named John McBride. Shortly after, Martina married John in 1988.

In 1989, McBride and her husband moved to Nashville, Tennessee. At that time, her husband worked as a crew member for American singer Garth Brooks. McBride sometimes joined her husband in Brook’s concert tour to sell souvenirs. Later on, Brooks discovered McBride and offered her an opening act stint if she could get a record contract.

With the demo tape produced by her husband, McBride got her contract with RCA Records. In 1992, McBride released her first studio album, titled The Time Has Come. She got her big break with her second album, The Way That I Am with the hit single, “My Baby Loves Me.”

Over the years, McBride has produced 14 studio albums, where she sold millions of record units and earned platinum sales. Her most recent release is a Christmas album in 2018, titled It’s the Holiday Season.

With her massive popularity, McBride received several awards and nominations, including the Country Music Association Award, Grammys, and the Academy of Country Music.

After a while, McBride focused on motherhood while taking occasional concert tours. Currently, Martina and John are taking care of their three beautiful daughters: Delaney, Emma, and Ava.

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