The Hottest Maria Menounos Photos Around The Net

When you look at Maria Menounos, especially her hot bikini photos, you wouldn’t think that she’s over 40 years old, but she is.

Born on June 8, 1987, in Massachusetts, that would make the actress and former beauty queen nearly 42 years old. However, she looks like she never aged. Maria Menounos remains as alluring as she once was.

When you look at her lineage, as a daughter of parents who are both Greek, it’s not surprising that the actress possesses such timeless goddess-like beauty.

Since she was a teen, Maria Menounos is famous for her charm and wit. She began joining beauty, pageants, and in 1996, the TV personality won the crown for Miss Teen Massachusetts. That brought her to compete in the Miss Teen USA, and while she didn’t win in the competition, she was in the top 15.

In terms of career, you can’t place her in a single part of the entertainment industry. She’s an actress, a dancer, a TV news correspondent, a host, and even a wrestler. Maria Menounos does everything, and she excels in every single thing she does.

Her first appearance on screen was in 1990, where she hosted the TV show Channel One News. It is a TV news program made for school children. The TV personality worked as an international correspondent for the show.

During her pageant days, she got asked about what she wanted to do when older, and Maria Menounos said she wanted to work in Entertainment Tonight. Several years later, her wish came true. In 2002, Maria Menounos became a correspondent for ET, and she was the youngest to be one at only 21 years old. During her time in ET, the TV personality reports on various topics such as fashion, music, television, and movies, until she left the show in 2005.

That same year, Maria Menounos made her big-screen debut after getting a part in the box-office hit film Fantastic Four, playing as a nurse. As an actress, she has over 27 film credits under her name, including The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, Entourage, and Louie.

Also, in 2005, Maria Menounos joined as a correspondent for the Access Hollywood show.

In two consecutive years, named Maria Menounos as one of the most desirable women of the year. It’s not surprising that the TV personality got such distinction as she’s got a figure with a shapely ass as boobs that could entice anybody.

However, aside from her sexy body and goddess beauty, Maria Menounos is also talented in what she does. The TV personality holds various titles such as the youngest ever to co-host big-name shows such as NBC Nightly News and Today Show.

Maria Menounos is also a WWE ambassador since 2013, which fits her nicely as she is a huge wrestling fan. She also hosted the red carpet pre-show for the WWE Hall of fame for four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017.

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