The Hottest Inzano Twins Photos Around The Net

It’s double the eye candy with gorgeous Florida twins Danielle and Deanna Inzano. These two brunette bombshells have racked up an impressive 242,000 combine followers on Instagram. These two beauties are developing a brand on social media and getting paid in the process. We compiled some of their hottest bikini pictures in the photos below.

People who know the twins can’t quite grasp their Internet fame. “They think it’s crazy,” Danielle said of her parents. Their mother sometimes worries about the nature of their photos. “She tells us to keep our clothes on,” Deanna said.  We would love to see the the Inzano twins nude but these classy chicks aren’t going that route.

Danielle said. “People think we’re selling our butts,” Deanna said. She agrees that yes, they are. But they insist it’s not sexual. Whatever you want to call it ladies. We call it hot…

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