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The Hottest Gisele Bundchen Photos Around The Net

With her high cheekbones and golden hair, Gisele Bündchen is indeed a Brazilian bombshell. Her slender figure and heart-stopping looks earned her the title as one of the world’s sexiest supermodels.

Gisele Caroline Bündchen was born in 1980 in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Her family came from a Brazilian-German descent. She grew up with five sisters and a fraternal twin, who all share a passion for modeling.

In 1994, a modeling agent discovered the aspiring model at a fast-food restaurant during a school excursion. Following her discovery, she later joined national contests in modeling.

She began her modeling career in 1997 after moving to New York City. Bündchen got her big break when she joined Alexander McQueen’s runway show. Later on, she worked with other luxury brands such as Versace, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren, among others.

In 2000, Bündchen soon became the world’s hottest model. She is also recognized as one of the first Brazilian models to achieve international success.

Throughout her modeling career, Bündchen appeared on the cover of several top fashion magazines, including Marie Claire, Vogue, and Allure. She also got featured in lifestyle magazines, such as Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, and Forbes, to name a few.

Bündchen made her debut TV appearance in 1996 as the host of MTV in Brazil. She also made a brief appearance at the teen drama series The O.C. in the episode “The Heavy Lifting.”

Aside from her TV appearances, she landed on her film debut in the action-comedy film Taxi in 2004. She plays the role of Vanessa alongside Hollywood star Queen Latifah. Her performance garnered a Teen Choice Award nomination for Teen Choice Movie Breakout Performance and Movie Villain.

She also made a special appearance in The Devil Wears Prada as Serena in 2006. Her most recent appearance is for an Earth Day documentary Kiss the Ground in April 2020.

Aside from modeling, Bündchen also entered the music scene. As part of H&M’s charity campaign, she sang “All Day and All of the Night” by the Kinks. In the following year, she worked with a French music producer for the song “Heart of Glass.”

Bündchen’s dating life is as colorful as her modeling career. She had a brief relationship with actor Josh Hartnett and Brazilian businessman Rico Mansur. She also dated Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 2009, she married Tom Brady, an American football quarterback. They have two children, Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake.

Now 39, Bündchen seems to maintain her beautiful body, as seen on her Instagram profile. She may have retired from the runway, but the former supermodel remains fearless on showing off her ass and boobs in her bikini outfits.

Lose yourself with the photos of Gisele Bündchen that will drive you crazy.

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