The Hottest Elle Duncan Photos Around The Net

If you look at the sexy pictures of Elle Duncan, you can say that simple is indeed beautiful. Elle Duncan is a host and reporter. As you browse through her pics, learn more details about her.

Lauren Elle Duncan was from Atlanta, Georgia. She was born on April 12, 1983. She is the daughter of Clark and Toni, and a sister of Kelli, who is a firefighter.

Duncan went to the State University of West Georgia, which is a public school in Carrollton.

Duncan’s hot career started in her hometown when she hosted talk shows on sports. She also went to 2 Live Stews as an intern.

Duncan does not have to wear a bikini for people to recognize her skills.

In 2004, Ryan Cameron hired Duncan to work for him in the Ryan Cameron Show.

Also, in 2004, Duncan started working as a traffic reporter. In 2009, Duncan became part of an afternoon show and reported sports on Frank and Wanda show.

In 2005, Duncan was an Atlanta Hawks reporter while reporting for the ACC and SEC football on the side. Duncan was also a contributed to the Atlanta Falcons radio network for its before and after the game shows.

In 2012, Duncan became part of the WXIA-TV and worked as a traffic reporter.

In 2013, the cops apprehended her for reckless driving. She had a breathalyzer test that showed that the alcohol content in her blood was 0.099, which was beyond the acceptable 0.08. However, the charges did not pursue.

In 2014, Duncan worked for NESN. Duncan co-hosted NESN Live with Sarah Davis. This show provides updates and sports analysis.

While working at NESN, Duncan worked for Red Sox, where she covered the Super Bowl XLIX that featured the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

She also became part of the casts of the Ride Along, where she played the role of a reporter.

Her most recent job is an anchor in the ESPN’s SportsCenter, which she took on in 2016.

Aside from working as a reporter, Duncan was a supporter of Change Shoes, Change Lives. She volunteered in its events through the program called NESN Connects.

Duncan has also been a supporter and spokesperson of Enchanted Closet. It is an organization that gives prom dresses, accessories, and footwear for girls who cannot afford to buy them.

Because of Duncan busted her ass job as a reporter and anchorperson in massive networks, she has an estimated net worth of one million dollars. Her estimated annual salary is approximately 500,000 dollars.

In 2016, Duncan married Omar Abdul Ali in Costa Rick. They met at a night club where a mutual friend introduced them.

On July 25, Duncan gave birth to a daughter named Eva. Duncan said that she endured 32 hours of labor for her.

Duncan has skills as a reporter. She does not have to flash her boobs to earn people’s interests.

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