The Hottest Elaine Alden Photos Around The Net

She is regarded as one of the most attractive sportsperson spouses. She has been in the news since her marriage to an American sporting legend but she is also known for her qualities. This incredibly beautiful personality is none other than Elaine Alden and she has done some credible work on her own and is quite a social media star.

She has been married to Landry Fields who is a popular basketball player. She was a phenomenon when she first started dating this sportsperson who had millions of fans. News soon poured in about Landry proposing Elaine on the occasion of Valentine’s Day for marriage. She accepted the proposal and the couple got married in the year 2014.

Elaine Alden has been a successful model before that as well but fame followed her since her much spoken about relationship with Landry Fields. She was born on the 11th of February in the year 1987. This means that currently, this beautiful model is 33 years old. She resides in the Miami region in Florida in the United States of America.

Besides her modeling career, Elaine Alden is a popular social media star as well. She keeps her fans updated on her life and her fitness regime in particular. In the social media medium of Instagram, Elaine has over 25 thousand followers. She keeps posting videos of her workouts and continues to inspire her fans to fall in love with fitness. Recently, she spoke at length about some healthy food habits which are crucial to staying healthy and in shape. She is best known for her rigorous workout routine which is full of some exercising through pilates, push-ups, and such other forms of workouts. She has made quite a fortune over the years and is believed to be worth around $ 110 million. She has two sons of her own.

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