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Déborah François was born on 24th May in the year 1987. Déborah François is a Belgian actress. Déborah François is best known for her featuring job in the Palme d’Or-winning movie, The Child in the year 2005, coordinated by the Dardenne siblings. In the year 2009, Déborah François won a César Award for Most Promising Actress for The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Déborah François was conceived in Rocourt, Liège, a commonplace town of Belgium. Déborah François is the girl of a policeman and a social laborer and the second of their three kids. Déborah François experienced childhood in Liège, which is in the French-talking zone of Belgium, and in the year 2005 Déborah François was found by two filmmakers – Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne who gave her the primary female part in their film entitled L’Enfant – The Child. This kitchen sink show, which happens not a long way from Déborah François main residence in the once-over modern town of Seraing, highlights a youthful couple, Bruno and Sonia.

The couple lives off government disability benefits and the returns of Bruno’s thefts – he is the leader of a posse of hoodlums. At the point when Sonia brings forth an infant, Bruno inhumanely pitches their kid to a vendor for a couple of thousand euros. This film was granted the Palme d’Or at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. After her début as an on-screen character, Déborah François left school and dove into her next film in Denis Dercourt’s Thriller La Tourneuse de pages – The Page Turner in the year 2006 which brought her further recognition. In the film, Déborah François plays the cool and ascertaining butcher’s girl Mélanie, who delivers her retribution on the white-collar classes. A long time previously, Déborah François imagined that her promising vocation as a piano player had been destroyed by the lack of regard of an acclaimed musician and individual from a jury – played by Catherine Frot, so she currently delivers her retribution. Through a stroke of karma, Déborah François figures out how to embed herself into the family unnoticed as a sitter and page-turner. In this film Déborah François pantomimes the piece of Mélanie, which won her unique praise from the commentators and for which she was selected for a César Award in the year 2007.

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