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Chrissy Lampkin is a fundamental cast part on the initial two periods of Love and Hip Hop: New York and one of the show’s unique four cast individuals. Chrissy Lampkin featured in the turn off Chrissy Lampkin and Mr. Jones for two seasons. Chrissy Lampkin experienced childhood in Harlem and was raised by her grandma in the wake of being isolated from her folks at an early age. Her true to life subtleties in VH1 press units insight that Chrissy Lampkin needed to learn “self-protection” and become acquainted with the “intricate details of road life”. While the arrangement never dives a lot into Chrissy Lampkin’s past, it was a wellspring of tattle and hypothesis from online journals while the show was airing, with Chrissy Lampkin at that point known as “Pretty Chrissy Lampkin” allegedly having a long criminal history in charge card plans, burglary, theft and medication pirating since Chrissy Lampkin was 15 years of age. Chrissy Lampkin was captured in 1992 as far as concerns her in an interstate medication dealing ring, and amid this time supposedly had sexual trysts with medication boss Alpo Martinez who Cameron’s character in the film Paid in Full depends on and Rich Porter, three New York Knick players, and even Jay-Z when he was 23 years of age.

In 1993, Chrissy Lampkin showed up in the music video “Gangsta Bitch” for rapper Apache. Chrissy Lampkin first began dating Jim Jones in 2004 in the wake of gathering him in Miami. Chrissy Lampkin was supposedly the wellspring of Jim’s dropping out with Cameron and the first disbanding of the Diplomats in 2006, after Cam made shirts recorded with “Dubious Ricky AKA Jim Jones is a trap”, ridiculing Jim for spending an excess of money on Chrissy Lampkin as opposed to helping their companions who were bolted up. Cam later apologized for his conduct amid this time on Instagram live on February 11, 2017. In 2006, Chrissy Lampkin showed up in an introduction tape for Keeping Up with the Joneses, a proposed doco-arrangement that would account Jim’s life, just as the in the background dramatizations in making the narrative. The pilot, which was the reason for what might, in the long run, become Love and Hip Hop, was pitched to VH1 and after that go to maker Mona Scott-Young. While being developed under the title Diary of a Hip Hop Girlfriend, the shows’ center moved to Chrissy Lampkin and her friend network (who were either in the music business or likewise included impractically with rappers), promoting off the achievement of The Real Housewives establishment and other female outfit drove unscripted TV dramas. On January 4, 2011, VH1 declared Chrissy Lampkin as a component of the first cast of Love and Hip Hop, which would make a big appearance that year on March 6, 2011.

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