The Hottest Chloë Agnew Photos

Chloë Agnew is a very famous Irish singer and also a songwriter. Chloë Agnew is a former member of the Celtic group known as Celtic Woman. The singer hails from Knocklyon, and Chloë Agnew sings in Irish, English, Italian, German and Latin.

Chloë Agnew sings in the soprano vocal range and in the year, 2000, when Chloë Agnew had been 11 years old, she had approached the director, David Downes about recording a song for raising money for children in Afghanistan. With Downe’s help, Chloë Agnew had recorded Angel of Mercy for the album This Holy Christmas Night, and this had raised more than £20,000 for the Afghan Children’s Charity Fund in the year, 2001.

In the year, 2002, Chloë Agnew had been he signed to Celtic Collections, and with David’s backing, Chloë Agnew had recorded her debut album called Chloë. In the year, 2004, Chloë Agnew had released her second album, called, Chloë: Walking in the Air.

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