The Hottest Chelsey Reist Photos Around The Net

Chelsey Reist is sexy in all these photos. Chelsey Reist is an actress from Canada who is famous for the movie No Tell Motel. She played the character of Rachel. As you go through her pictures, find out more riveting info about her.

Chelsey Reist was born on the 4th of January 1987 in Alberta, Canada, with German, English, Czech, and Swiss descent. Reist is an actress, dancer, and a host, in the performing industry.

Reist has two siblings: a sister and a brother. Reist also has a cat named Lucy. She and her siblings grew up together in their hometown. Reist revealed little information about her family life and education.

Reist has been interested in performing arts. She went to Capilano University to take up acting as a degree. After her school days, she went to Disneyland and worked as a dancer. Reist has been a dancer for 16 years, which is hot.

Reist appeared in commercials, which include Applebee’s and Nintendo Wii.

You do not have to see Reist in a bikini, to see how gorgeous she is. Because of her skills as an actress and a dancer, she landed on several roles in TV shows and films.

Her mainstream performance started in 2009 when she appeared in the movie The Compass. Her role was the girl who was wearing a red coat.

Her TV show debut was in 2010 when she became the host of Discovering Great Towns and appeared in six episodes. Her first acting debut was the True Justice series, where she played the role of a gangster.

In 2012, she became part of the No Tell Motel casts.

In 2013, Reist became part of the casts of Embrace of the Vampire, which was a remake of the 1995 horror movie of the same name.

Reist is famous for playing the character of Harper McIntyre in The 100 from 2014 to 2018. Her role brought her recognition.

Reist made an appearance in the 12 Rounds: Reloaded, where she starred with Randy Orton, a WWE wrestler.

Aside from the mentioned TV shows, she also appeared in Psych, Aftermath, Cedar Cove, Narcoleap, City Lights, True Justice, and more.

Aside from the mentioned movies, she also appeared in Crowsnest, A Bride for Christmas, Arson Mom, Oh Say Can You See, Wandering Hearts, Limina, and more.

Her most recent projects were Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls, where she played the role of Annie. She also became part of the Van Helsing series in 2018, where she appeared in two episodes, playing the role of Kelly.

Because Reist busted her ass working as an actress, host, and dancer, her annual salary is approximately 56,000 dollars, and her estimated net worth is 1 million dollars.

Based on Reist’s posts on social media, she is currently single.

You do not have to see Reist’s boobs to learn how beautiful she is. It is because Reist has what it takes to make it in the performing industry.

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