The Hottest Aphmau Photos Around The Net

In this article, we will discuss popular You Tuber Aphmau. If you follow the gaming space on YouTube, then Aphmau is one phenomenal YouTuber you would have bumped into. She is recognized for her joyful roleplays of Minecraft characters. It is her comical take on the popular characters that will draw you back to her channel again and again.

With over 2.5 million subscribers on her channel and millions of views, Aphmau sure has a huge impact on the youth of today. They love the way she gives life and emotions to all their favorite game characters. She has a fantastic rapport with her fans and the number of followers she has on different social media channels says nothing but just that.

With over 18K followers on Facebook, close to 190K on her twitter handle, and about 630K on her Instagram platform, Aphmau is one of the most loved YouTube stars. She began her channel with a group of four friends; however, after three of them left her, Aphmau only doubled her hard work and eventually made a permanent place for herself in the heart of all her fans.

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