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Recognised by her stage name Zealyn Angela Kristine Miller is an American singer and songwriter who came third on the twelfth season of American Idol in 2013. Her debut EP, Weathered, was released freely on 12 November 2014. On 26 February 2016, she began releasing fresh material under the stage name, “Zealyn.”

Miller was born on 17 February 1994 in Beverly, Massachusetts, in a suburb of Boston to Guy and Tana. The couple relocated to Massachusetts. Miller also has a brother named Jonathan who is two years older than she is. He is an integrant of a hardcore band called ‘Exiting the Fall’. As a child, she was introduced to worship music at church and other styles at home. The Millers happens to be a musical family: Guy can play the keyboard, Tana can play the guitar, and Jonathan can play multiple instruments. By watching them perform, Angie developed an interest in singing and songwriting at an early age, penning her first song “Little Sparkle Dress” at the age of six.

But Angie’s life has not been a bed of roses. At an early age, doctors diagnosed that the singer suffered from forty percent hearing loss in her left ear and twenty percent in her right ear, after discovering that the protective cover of her eardrums had disappeared. Thus, she had ear tubes placed and a month prior to her audition for American Idol, fits for silicon spray ear plugs. Miller’s condition has affected her singing, blocking her hearing of her surroundings rather than herself. She claimed that she had learned to manage it a few years before her American Idol audition.

Miller auditioned for the twelfth season of American Idol in September 2012 where she received a golden ticket and advanced to the next stage in Hollywood.  After her elimination from American Idol, Miller announced her plans to launch a music career soon and eventual acting career as well.

On May 17, 2013, following the series’ finale, Miller released her debut single “You Set Me Free” to digital retailers through her American Idol contract with 19 Recordings.

And since then, she did not back. She released a number of singles and Eps that ranked fairly on the Billboard charts. Despite her condition, she has managed to make her vulnerabilities her strength–inspiring many.

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