The Hottest Andreea Diaconu Photos Around The Net

Andreea Diaconu, born on March 28, 1991, is a famous model who belongs to Romania. She is one among those rare models who was spotted for modeling at a very tender age. She is one among them was offered modeling assignment at the age of 11. But, she showed her reluctance and dropped the offer until she was 13. She did explain the reason behind, later in an interview that, the profession is looked down upon at the place where she belongs to.

She even explained the reason behind accepting the modeling offer later on. She quoted “My friend and I heard of a modeling school that had a contest where the winner got 500 Euros. We thought that was a lot of money, so we went to school, and I won. The plan was for me to make enough money for four years of college, and then I’d walk away.” She even expressed her thoughts regarding other professions that she would have tried for, if not modeling. Among others, she mentioned about Karate instructor, translator, or surfer. She also expressed her interest in completing her college and that she took up Social Psychology as her subject at the Western University.

Diaconu appeared on the cover page for the first time of Vogue Magazine at the age of 21 on February 2013. This 28-year old girl is also the freaking face of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Belstaff. At the age of 20, when she finally shifted all her attention to detail towards modeling and put her first step towards Big Apple she confronted to the reporters saying that, “I love living in New York. Everybody is interesting. They influence you in different ways. I also love going to amazing places like Argentina, Mexico, and Spain and meeting new people. Modelling definitely opens doors to many other things.” One of her thrives for a moment as described by her was, ‘The first time I shot for US Vogue-I didn’t expect that. And when I got confirmed for Mario Sorrenti for Italian Vogue, I was like, “What the hell, is this real?”’

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