The Hottest Anastasiya Kvitko Photos Around The Net

Russian model and entrepreneur Anastasiya Kvitko are making the online headlines with her jaw-dropping hot body and her charmingly beautiful face. She is making the Instagram world wild with her sexy Instagram bikini posts, flaunting her ass, and almost all of her boobs. If you want more of Anastasiya Kvitko, check out our photo compilation here.

Anastasiya Kvitko might be one of the celebrities with the shortest description in Wikipedia. But this does not mean that the Russian doll is not as famous as the others. Anastasiya believes in the privacy of her life, although she flaunts her body every day on Instagram.

Anastasiya or Anastasia Kvitko is a Russian model, born in Western Russia on November 25, 1994. The 25-year-old glamour model spent most of her childhood and her teen years in the Kaliningrad Oblast region. She always wanted to become a model, so she started in her home country but wanted to up her fame. So Kvitko moved to the US to further her career in modeling.

Kvitko first moved to Miami, where she found some model engagements. However, Kvitko did not like how the state was treating her. She even revealed that she got robbed at gunpoint while staying in Miami, so she moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding a better modeling career.

However, Kvitko was unable to find the modeling agencies that would hire her because of her 38-25-42 figure. So instead of crying in the corner, Kvitko turned her luck around. She made her perfect curves into her trademark and started to model through her Instagram posts. She began with several Instagram posts posing in a bikini and showing off her fabulous physique. And because of her exuberant curves, many noticed her and her worldwide fame started.

Different social networks made Kvitko’s fame more and more noticeable. After her posts, many online shops started to contact her to model their swimsuits and clothing wear. At the age of 25, Kvitko is now one of the sought after glamour models in the world. And as she became more prominent, more and more followers noticed that Kvitko could be the Russian counterpart of the famous Kim Kardashian.

With Kvitko’s perfect curves and her small waistline, she got tagged as the Russian Kim Kardashian. In one interview, Kvitko answered that she likes Kim Kardashian, but she does not want people to compare her to the reality star and that Kim is far behind Anastasia.

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