The Hottest Alison Haislip Photos Around The World

Alison Haislip is a promising American actress and apart from that she has also been a part of television correspondent for the “Attack of the Show”. She was even a correspondent for the NBC singing competition “The Voice”. These opportunities were fully utilized by her when it came to expressing her skills and talents and she soon became a known face on television and also one who was much loved by her audience.

She was born on the 6th of February in the year 1981 in the state of New Jersey in the US. Her current place of residence is however in Los Angeles, California. Her career in the television world began roughly at around 2004 and is still continuing in all its glory.

She completed her schooling from Voorhees High School and graduated from Boston College with honors. In college, she was a student of theatre which was another opportunity for her to brush up her acting skills. Apart from this she also trained herself in the British American Drama Academy and all these lessons polished and refined her enough to go and seek an acting career in Los Angeles.

Her inclusion in the G4 is also a fascinating story. She had joined as a helping hand in 2007 and by 2008 she was permanently hired for her talents. She had made multiple appearances on the “Attack of the Show” and this was a role she was much loved for. She was also in the limelight for co-hosting the first season of the ‘American Ninja Warrior’.  She has also been the behind the scenes reporter for two seasons of Battlebots and even this she did with great success.

Other than these achievements she has been a part of a number of short films and her career is full of many instances of her talents and skills which have enjoyed a significant appreciation.

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